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Once your children* have created their masterpiece in crayons, pencils, paint, collage, glitter, old magazines or whatever is handy around the house, add a photo to Instagram and tag me @hannah.kate.makes.

I’ll share all entries in my Instagram stories and on Thursday 7th May I’ll choose my favourite and share the winner in a thank you video.

*adults are not excluded from the fun!

You can view all of my free colouring pages here.

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There are ten animals to find:

Golden Lion Tamarin, Jaguar, Sloth, Jesus Lizard, Macaw, Anaconda, Poison Dart Frog, Kinkajou, Giant Anteater and a Green Iguana.

Colouring pages for personal use only, not for re-sale. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by Hannah Kate Makes.

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