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Let’s Escape Reality Together…

I’m Hannah Kate and I love to create fantasy art, fan art, comic and cosplay inspired pieces, mythology, magic, sci-fi, legends and fairy tales, horror…
You name it, if it’s a cool idea that captures my imagination and can whisk us away from reality, I’m in.

I create traditional and digital art that captures your attention, draws you in and evokes feelings, or memories, or both. Allowing you to stop and be still with your own senses, just for a moment. 

Do you love that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you nail the perfect gift?

Me too, and I get to share that when I hear how much someone has treasured one of my art pieces. Why not let me help you create that buzz with your next present and have something created especially for them, or as a treat for you?

​When we work together on your bespoke work of art, my goal is to understand and capture faithfully the idea you have in your imagination and how you would like your special someone to feel when they receive it. I love working with individuals to make their vision become real, either for their own homes or as a special gift.


To see some of my previous commissions just head over to the Gallery page.

You can send me a message or request information for your own bespoke work by completing the Contact form.

My ready to buy collections are available for browsing in my Etsy store by clicking on the Shop link above.

For sneak peeks, secret sales and insights into upcoming collections why not join the Insider’s Club and sign up for all of this in a weekly email. 

If you love my work and would love to support me further, get involved in my creative process and become a part of our community, why not become a Patron? For less than the price of a cup of coffee per month you gain exclusive access to my studio and Patreon only content. For more information, check out my Patreon profile.

Or if you’d just like to keep an eye on what I’m up to and working on, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube via the links at the bottom of the page.

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