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Let’s Escape Reality Together…

I’ve wanted to start my own Patreon page for a year or so now. The idea has never left me and as I’m now beginning to find my voice artistically it felt like the right time to start sharing my journey with you.

As 2020 has already been the most upside-down year, I figured I should just go for it and on Monday 1st June I announced that my Patreon page would be launching on the 1st of July! I was really brave and filmed first ever (terrifying) Instagram live on my IGTV.

For the remainder of the first week in June, it really didn’t feel appropriate to promote my launch, with everything that was happening in America and across the world. While I didn’t mute myself completely, I took time to listen and learn and share as much as I could via my Instagram stories. I'm still learning and unlearning as part of my own personal development.

I resumed and “re-announced” my launch on Monday 8th June to let people know of my plans.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a place where you can support your favourite artists, musicians, writers, models, podcasters, film makers and many other types of creative.

You can sign up to their page, choose your membership tier and pay monthly to receive exclusive content, rewards and more. Anyone can join a creator’s Patreon page and support them in making their dreams come true!

Why did I decide to launch a Patreon page?

To seize the opportunity to work on the art that I love to create, while sharing my process and work with people that appreciate what I’m producing. At the same time as giving a little extra back to those Patrons.

The aim of my Patreon Page…

I would like to create a community and safe space for like-minded people (artists and non-artists!) where I can share my work from idea to completed piece. Where I can chat and ask opinions on things, you can have input on the direction of some of my work and maybe even collaborate in the future!

The focus of my Patreon page…

Is Escaping Reality. I love to create fantasy art, fan art, comic and cosplay inspired pieces, mythology, magic, sci-fi, legends and fairy tales, horror… You name it, if it’s a cool idea that captures my imagination and can whisk us away from reality, I’m in.

The theme for my membership tiers…

I have several membership tiers available from £3 a month upwards.

Following the theme of The Hero’s Journey, my tiers begin with Call to Adventure and progress on to Meeting with the Goddess, The Magic Flight and ending with my Freedom to Live tiers at the top.

Patrons are not tied into anything and can change or cancel their pledge at any time.

When Patrons pledge to support me they receive a mix of the following benefits and rewards:

• Early access to all my work

• Exclusive access to my monthly podcast

• A bimonthly art challenge

• Patron only polls

• Downloadable prints and wallpapers

• Discount codes for my online shop each month

• Original art and prints delivered to their door

Pledges will help me to take the time to focus on making the art I love, as well as allowing me to buy new materials and equipment, build my business and save towards my own studio space.

Finally launch day arrived and at noon I clicked the “Go” button!

By the end of day one I had five lovely supporters sign up to join our community. This took me halfway to my first Community Goal of 10 Patrons. Once I reach that I’ll open up a private Discord server so we can all chat and communicate easily.

Discord is a little like a cross between an old school-school chat forum and WhatsApp. This means we can all chat without the need to share private phone numbers.

I’m still deciding what my second Community Goal will be!

I am running an early bird sign up offer too.

Anyone who joins The Magic Flight or Freedom to Live tiers before 14th July 2020 will also receive a personalised, hand drawn and painted Dark Angel with their July treasure haul.

This week I have also recorded my very first podcast exclusive to my Patrons. I love that I get to learn new skills at every stage of this adventure.

Future episodes will feature interviews with other creatives and I’m really excited to share their stories too.

We are now one week into my Patreon page going live and I’m enjoying sharing more with my new Patrons. Our first project is already underway!

If you’d like to read more about my page, tiers or maybe even join the adventure then click here.

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