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Welcoming the new season.

Once again, I struggled with what to write about this month. Hence this blog is landing so close to the Bank Holiday and not mid-August as planned.

One theme that has come up for me, repeatedly, over the past month or so is that surrounding the subject of original art, fan art, famous quotes and intellectual property. However, I can’t gather my thoughts well enough at the moment to offer you a body of cohesive writing on the matter! So, I will return to that can of worms at a later date.

Instead I will turn to a little reflection as we leave summer behind and start a new season.

I’ve always found September to feel like a fresh start. A hangover from school life and the excitement of the newness of the next academic year. Clear planners to be written in, empty pages to be filled, the challenge of subjects levelled up. Sometimes the daunting prospect of a new place and new people. The anticipation of what’s to come.

Those feelings still hold strong within me as we celebrate the end of summer with the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Some years they’ve almost felt overwhelming as I piled great and heavy expectation on my shoulders.

This year, I’m embracing that little tingle of excitement. I’m daring to allow myself to set new goals and be optimistic.

Because, let’s face it, 2020 so far has not gone to plan.

This decade made a grand entrance full of promise and golden opportunities, then promptly tripped over its beautiful shoes and hasn’t really stopped tumbling down that hill since…

I am not here to complain. I’m fortunate enough to be healthy and safe, with my business intact and still growing. My family and friends have almost all escaped the clutches of corona, we will grieve and remember those that did not.

Deep breath.

Of the goals I set myself and plans I made back in January, around half are long forgotten. No longer possible, desirable or important.

The goals and challenges that remained did so because they were worthy (like Thor!) and were true to my values and vision for my future.

I have grown a lot since New Year’s Day 2020. I’m no longer afraid or nervous to describe myself as an artist. I say it proudly and spend time creating what I love and work with people that share the same values and vision. My boundaries and confidence to say “no” are clearer and serve to protect me as well as manage the expectations of others. I’ve even launched my Patreon and am building a community of like minded souls to continue my journey with.

While the mid-section of my lovely 2020 wall planner felt a little redundant, save to tick off the days of lockdown, it’s still there. I use it as a prompt to remind me how far I’ve come, despite everything that’s happened since January, and to review the goals I’d set months ago in what feels like another world.

When September dawns on Tuesday I welcome it, along with the nostalgic vibes and feelings of anticipation I will inevitably feel. I have new plans and goals for the end of 2020 and I’m excited to start working on them. Not only from a perspective of a new month and season, but also from a new me. Aligned with my values, clear on my worth and confident I can (and will) weather and rise above the challenges to come.

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