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The Pikapool Story

Back in February, when Covid-19 was still something happening far, far away, you may remember me announcing an exciting new project!

You may be aware that (unlike me) my brother David is super fit and healthy and had signed up to run the Brighton Marathon for the THIRD time in April.

Once again, he decided to fundraise for Mind, the mental health charity that believes no one should have to face a mental health problem alone.

Some of David’s story:

In January 2017 I started running again… the wonders of the gamification of fitness through smart watch fitness trophies.

I then ran my first Marathon in Brighton in 2018 and did a sub 4 hour (3:58:24).

Afterwards I said, “never again” and then signed up a few days later to run once more in 2019.

Again, I did another sub 3:59:00.

The “never again” this time lasted about 2 days, as I wanted to get below the time that has thus far eluded me.

This time I am going to get below that elusive 3:58:00.

You can read more of David's story here.

David is also a super talented cosplayer, often to be found (pre-lockdown) at various Film and Comic Cons around the country. You might spot him dressed as Deadpool, Captain America, Red Hood or one of many other masked characters.

You can check out his characters and progress shots of his latest cosplay builds on his Instagram or Facebook profiles.

So, to add to the fundraising efforts this year, we combined our sibling superpowers!

I committed to creating a painting of one of David’s favourite cosplay aliases and we gave you guys the opportunity to win this as a prize in return for a for a small donation. The more money donated, the more chances to win!

You get to be the superhero by helping a fantastic charity and could become the new owner of a one of a kind piece of original art!

The process began with David sharing a few of his favourite cosplay photos with me.

The photos above were shot by: Vanity Studios UK, Project Showcase and Taking The Pixels.

I drafted a few design variations from the photos and came up with the following for Red Hood, Pikapool and, of course, Deadpool.

David then put the options for each design to a vote amongst his Instagram followers…

With a final vote being held between the favourite 3 designs...

The outright winner was the Pikapool design with a brash yellow and charcoal graffiti background.

I set to work bringing him to life in acrylic on canvas…

In the midst of my painting, full lockdown had enveloped us. Sadly this meant that the Brighton Marathon, along with many other sporting events, did not go ahead as planned. As I write this, the postponed date is still set for the race to take place in September of this year. However, the landscape of 2020 is ever changing and the two months between then and now could hold many surprises for us.

Finally, in April, the Pikapool painting was completed!

An original 16 x 20” acrylic on canvas, signed and complete with Certificate of Authenticity.

He received a few coats of varnish during June and a shiny set of brass fixings to enable easy hanging in his new home were added to the back.

Just this week the courier delivered him down to my brother for the grand prize draw this Sunday!

Read to the end for details on how to enter (before 19th July 2020).

Donations received after this date will still be made to Mind, but the prize draw will be finished.

I have also had a limited run of postcards printed with my original designs.

At least 80p from each sale will be donated to Mind.

You will be able to buy them individually, or as a set of three, in my Etsy shop from Friday.

You may notice that the winning Pikapool design is not among them. This is because he can only be won! He will not be made available for general sale.

Details for how to enter the prize draw for the Pikapool canvas are as follows:

You can win by donating £2, or multiples thereof, per entry to David’s fundraising page: HERE.

When donating, include your name (and Facebook /Insta handle if applicable) and 'Pika Pika' so David knows to add you to the list of entrants.⁠ David will ship the canvas anywhere to the winner, you just need to donate to enter first.⁠ The winner will be announced on Sunday 19th July 2020 - giving you a few more days to enter and help raise money for a great cause and win a unique piece of art.⁠

Donations or sponsorship made after the draw date will be passed to Mind, but will obviously not be entered in the competition as it will be closed.

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