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Welcome to the Library…

You’ve heard me talking about it, but what is it?

A chamber of curiosity in which we combine our strengths and interests.

A hub for research to take place, for secret stories to be uncovered and hidden histories to be illuminated. Inspiring artwork to be created from our discoveries.

It’s the Hannah Kate Makes membership group, hosted on the Patreon platform.

Now, you know I love to create art that captures the imagination by harnessing the mysteries of folklore and mythology.

But did you know that in a past professional life, I was a scientist? I've worked in both the pharmaceutical industry and forensics, as an examiner on major crimes.

As a working artist I paint and draw images that steal us away from reality and take our minds elsewhere. I have a fascination with weird tales, the paranormal and supernatural, fantasy stories and, of course, true crime.

The work, and play, that takes place in The Library combines all the above. Each month we investigate a different story, be it folklore, local history, legends, grisly murder or whatever takes our fancy.

I research the background, visit locations (if possible), seek out narratives and learn more about the folklore, legend, event or person of note.

All of this is used as inspiration to create sketches within an art journal, and larger art pieces inspired by what we discover.

Our focus is on British tales, to begin with, as every village in the UK has some sort of ghost story or idiosyncratic lore to share. Over time we'll build up a library of stories researched, illustrated, and told by us.

Members who are interested in that month's story are invited to become a part of the investigation too. All extra information can be added to the casefile and help feed the inspiration for my drawings.

The artwork created from our casefiles will be exhibited publicly, shining a light on the lore, and sharing tales that echo through time to resonate with our own experiences.

On top of all that, there are exclusive perks for those who join The Library!

All members get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, mini-blogs, sketchbook tours and work-in-progress photos for non-Library projects as well as our folklore casefiles.


· Voting rights on art choices and the direction we’re taking on our journey.

· Monthly catch-up podcasts, Reality Breaks and casefile catch-up Zoom calls

· Early access to original artwork

· Audio Fabula episodes for each case.

Different membership levels offer even more perks, such as downloadable wallpapers and Folklore Casefiles, discount codes for my online shop and Art Hauls full of goodies sent in the post.

It sounds good, right?

If this is your cup of tea, then why not join us? You can find all the information you need and details on each membership level by clicking here.

The Library is a rolling monthly membership and you can change your subscription level whenever you like, or leave without any penalty.

I can’t wait to see you there and discover new stories with you.

All you need to do now is decide which membership level takes your fancy...

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